• How to start a successful business

There’s a good reason why creators and entrepreneurs want to start a membership business. It generates predictable recurring revenue and presents the opportunity to stake one’s work on a sustainable business model.

This trend is everywhere. Brands, publications, communities, and individuals are adopting premium membership models in one form or another, including:

However, there’s one thing that deters other people from starting their own membership business. Overwhelm.

Making a membership site can feel like a tall order — and it is — which is strange, because gaining success on your membership business doesn’t require you to have a massive following. For as long as you have the curiosity, the innate stubbornness to push through, and a couple hundred ‘true fans,’ you have everything you need to start a successful paid membership business.

A less stressful approach to your membership business

Membership businesses make money from members. Naturally, you’d want as many members to sign up as possible. More members mean more revenue, right?

To get more members, you need more traffic. To get more traffic, you need a bigger audience. However, there’s a better, far less stressful way.